Friday, December 31, 2010

I Resolve...

Well, we've just about put another one behind us. Tonight we'll head to Bossier City and spend New Year's Eve the way we spent it last Nelda's house with a bunch of our awesome family. Ashley and I have discussed our plans and resolutions for the New Year at length. My purpose for writing this post is because I need accountability. I have read that if you make your resolutions public, you have a greater rate of success. I'm making my resolutions public, not because of this tidbit, but because of my own personal convictions. I believe that we all need people to hold us accountable. We need Godly friends and family to hold us accountable in our walk with the Lord. We need people to call us out if we're not living the way we KNOW we should be living. We need accountability in our jobs to help keep us driven and productive. The culture in our country has shifted to one of a HUGE lack of personal responsibility... People go on daytime talk shows and explain that it's not their fault that they committed some awful games made them do it, their momma didn't love them and that made them do it, daddy was mean to them and he made them do it. WRONG! You did it and you should be held accountable and suffer the consequences. I can't do anything about the culture or the people who embrace it, but as for me, I WILL BE ACCOUNTABLE!

So, here are my resolutions... I ask that if you are a friend or relative, and you see that I am not working towards or accomplishing anything on this list, CALL ME OUT!(In a kind and loving manner of course! LOL!)

1. In 2011 I will strive to seek God's face, not just his hand. I will work to increase the faithfulness of my prayer life, fasting, and study of the Word. I will work to take my walk with the Lord to the next level.

2. I will achieve a HEALTHY weight. (I don't want to set a goal of a certain weight or amount of weight loss.) I will eat less, eat healthier, and monitor what I am putting into my body. I will work out and achieve a level of physical fitness equivalent to my high school/college days.

3. I will put in the time and effort necessary to ensure that I can finish my bachelors degree in the next year and a half, or less.

4. I will work to achieve a more BALANCED life. I will work to be better at time management in the hopes of being a better Jesus-follower, a better husband, and a better employee.

These are just 4 specific, MAJOR priorities for my life in 2011. I have an overall desire to make sure that I live 2011 better than 2010. God willing and in His strength and grace I will be able to accomplish these goals and more.

I pray for a blessed and prosperous New Year for each and every one of you. I love you all and I am so glad that you are in my life. For those of you that I didn't talk to or see enough in '10, I hope we can remedy that in '11. God Bless!

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