Monday, December 28, 2009

Reflecting on '09 and looking towards '10...

I'll start this post with a with the disclaimer that I don't know how great it will be. The simple truth is that I am writing because I have recently felt a desire to start writing again, and not because I have some lofty topic to discuss. So, I thought I would write about what I've been thinking about, namely a review of 2009 and my thoughts for the fast approaching 2010.

2009 was a VERY good year for me. Well, at least it ended very well. I accomplished some firsts in '09. I drove from Kentucky to California by way of Dallas, and stood in the very cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. I saw for the first time the states of Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. I got to see across the Mexican border and witness firsthand the sheet-metal shanty-towns that line the border with Texas. I got to see the desert Southwest, I got to see the huge hay and produce operations of Southern California, as well as the upscale surroundings of the Laguna Beach area.

Shortly after California I purchased my very nice laptop, which has thus far proved to be a great investment. Nothing great happened between then and July, when I met the love of my life. July 2nd, I met Ashley at The Redmoor in Mt. Lookout and we had a wonderful time. July 4th, I took Ashley to see the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra's "Red, White, and Boom!" show at Riverbend. Obviously things went well from there because on 11/27/09 she became my wife. That is undoubtedly the highlight of the year.

A little bit before that, 09/28, I started a job with Pomeroy IT Solutions in Hebron, KY. I am currently an Analyst on the help desk for PPL, headquartered in Allentown, PA. Three months of working at Pomeroy under my belt now, and I'm really happy there.

So, 2009 will end for me in Louisiana spending some time with my amazing in-laws. Looking forward to spending time with everyone, and especially looking forward to the New Year's Eve party at Nelda's house. I started the year not married, in a different job, and a lifelong resident of Kentucky. I end the year married to the most wonderful woman in the world, in a great job, and as a new resident of Ohio.

Now one thing that was new in '09 and will carry into '10 is my fascination with Twitter. I mostly follow people who talk about religion/God/Jesus/Scripture, people who talk about leadership, and people who talk about the IT world. I think when you roll the three together you get a picture of what I would like to be: a Godly leader in the IT field. Lots of the leadership folks and some of the religious folks have been talking about writing down things you want to give up in the new year or things you want to accomplish in the new year. The emphasis seems to be on writing things down so that they are tangible goals, but also acting on them so that they can be accomplished. So I'll be working on a list of what I want to leave in '09 and what I want to accomplish in '10. I know that God has amazing things in store for Ashley and I in this new year. It's also a new decade, so maybe a good time to come up with my "1o-year plan" lol! Well, I think that's all for this evening, but look for my list of goals for 2010 soon. God Bless.

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